The Modern Muse

The Modern Muse

Hello everybody, hope you’re having a lovely week so far! Turtle neck is kind of old fashioned item for most of the people, perhaps they don’t need it ‘cos of hot weathers or climate, however, to me, I consider that turtle neck jumper or top is always a chic fashion item which helps you to create a cool and fashionable look! Today, Ima show you my way to look cool and chic by wearing a black turtle neck jumper, and styled it with a pair of printed city shorts, a boxy handbag and a pair of boots. Hope you enjoyed this look and see you all on the next blog post! x

Necklace from John Hardy
Turtle Neck Jumper from Bottega Veneta
Marble Print Shorts from Zoe Jordan (Sponsored by Electric Sekki)
Handbag from Valentino
Boots from Dior

Thank you so much for reading x

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