VIP Guest at G.H.MUMM Champaign and Formula E HK 2016

VIP Guest at G.H.MUMM Champaign and Formula E HK 2016

Hello everybody, hope you’re all doing well! Lately I attended to a great and remarkable event in Hong Kong, it was the 2016 FIA Formula E HKT Kong Kong ePRIX and it was sponsored by G.H.MUMM Champaign! Thank you so much for inviting me to be one of the VIP Guest at such a remarkable event in Hong Kong 2016! 

On the day, I got picked up from home in the morning and the driver took me straight to the venue at the Harbour Front, then I checked in with the PR Staffs from G.H.MUMM. The most exciting thing was that I had a chance to see the race in the Formula E Emotion Club which was a large and relaxing place for all the guests and right at the race track! And this reminds me that I went to some  Formula F Car Races at the VIP Lounge with my parents before, and it was another great VIP experience at the Formula E this time! In between the spare time of different races, we had loads of fun making cocktails with G.H.MUMM Champaign, making new business friends and had quite a lot of lovely food served!

We also had a chance to meet with the car racers and talked with them about car racing as well as cocktail making surprisingly! Then we visited closely with the Director of the Formula E Audi Support Team, the director explained the progresses and detailed about the car, the functions, the reparations as well as how much he love about Hong Kong! We then headed to the main seats and see the car race! After the race is done, we were arranged to go to the Podium Ceremony at the front roll! It was also my honour to celebrate the success of the top 3 car races who won at 2016 FIA Formula E HKT Kong Kong ePRIX! Especially the champaign shower which started the celebration in delighting way! We got picked up again right after the celebration and had some rest before attending to the Formula E After Party at the same night!

Thank you so much for the invite again GHMUMM & 2016 FIA Formula E HKT Kong Kong ePRIX! I had such great fun with the team on the day and at the night :>

Necklace from Chanel
print detailed ruffle sleeves top from PAINT LONDON
Trousers from Celine
Pumps from Gianvito Rossi

Thank you so much for reading x


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