Aka coral
Aka coral
Sardin coral
Momo and sardin coral

Coral is 3.5 in Mohs Scale, relatively soft. It is an organic gem sourced from the Mediterrannean Sea, Japan, Taiwan, Malayisan. As pollution is getting worse nowadays, the supply of coral is dropping and become more and more valuable.

The most expensive coral is called Aka, the bright red coral. Sourced from the sea between Japan and Taiwan.

The red coral with the shade of pink, orange and white spot is called Sardin.

Momo comes in various shades of orange.

Pink coral is called "Angel skin".

Also there are golden, white and black coral.

Coral can be crafted in different shape and sizes, same as jadeite and ivory. It is extremely welcomed by the Chinese and Western. Lots of royal jewellery were made in coral.



Photo courtesy: J-ART, Shop 101, Melbourne Plaza, 33 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong.



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