Style Map - Beautiful Wedding Trip in London IV

so good to get back to the hotel after a crazy shopping xx
view from our room
he was like, yeh its time to chill out a bit
view with beautiful sunset from our room at The Shard London xx
after having a rest at the hotel we started to search some food in China Town haha it's my place

Style Map - Beautiful Wedding Trip in London IV

Seriously, nothing is more suitable for me to do in London, I'm saying, apart from living, I believe that shopping and chilling are always  the best things to do in town :D I didn't really consider myself coming back for travelling but living, as we didnt go to any landmarks, and we just be ourselves living in town like before! This was amazingly comfy and cozy which makes you don't wanna go back to HK lol

The the best chilling spot is always the hotel room :P and yet, the view and the sunset that we caught were superb and we literally wanted to stop that moment for ever :')

We loved it xxx


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