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31-05-2018 / Angel Cheung
作為香水創藝師兼香薰治療師,很多朋友會問香水及香薰治療有什麼分別?簡單理解,香水是用不同的天然及人工的芳香複合物調合(Perfume Compounds),再加入酒精而製成,灑上香水令人散發心情
26-04-2018 / Anita So
The dragonfly is slim, deft and elegant, and is often artistically associated with feminine beaut
18-04-2018 / Fiona Vibes
Quality Time with Parents at The Aberdeen Marina Club :)   
18-04-2018 / Fiona Vibes
“Travel with Fiona Vibes ♦ Relaxing Getaway in Bali Ep.4” is now live on my new youtube channel “